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About Us

Medcheck is a brand new company that brings you the Medcheck App which is available on all platforms. Our interactive app has been developed to help teach our users about muscle/ligament pains they feel in there body and want more information on it. Our app lets you click the area that hurts and get an overview about that muscle along with information on certain injuries you can have and also certain treatments for that muscle/ligament. Please consult a doctor if the injury is serious as we are just an informative app.

Medcheck also provides our free users access to the Medcheck network which includes all doctors, trainers, and facilities that sign up to our site. These groups will be placed on our custom map on the actual app and also on the website for users to view information on the groups. They will have access to the number, address and all sorts of info we will collect to give them the chance to find a doctor/trainer near them.

Qualified Doctors

Check out our Medcheck network to find qualified doctors and trainers. We provide all their information for you! All you need to do is find the best one for you and contact them to set up an appointment! Go and check out your injury or schedule a class or session. Please note that we are constantly updating our database with new doctors every day.

Medical Professionals

Our professionals are the same ones you can find through most insurance networks. Medcheck network helps give you a simpler way to find them straight from the app or website. Besides doctors, we offer alternative medical professionals which include Trainers, Gyms, Holistic Medicine, and more! We offer all data that is available so you can make your choice.

Medical Treatment

The Medcheck app has a built in function to help give our users information on treatments they can do at home for certain injuries. Medcheck helps you quickly identify what muscle in your body is injured so you can quickly get more information on it. Please note that if the injury is serious you will need to consultant a medical expert. Medcheck network can help you search for doctors near you.


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Explore the human body! Medcheck provides our user’s access to every muscle in the human body. We offer the full human body, foot, knee, and hand. Go ahead and explore your body and learn about your muscles!

Get all best doctors online here

We provide a custom doctor profile page for all our medical experts. This page provides you with all the data you will need. It includes our expert’s number, address, email, office hours, and description/qualifications. Find an expert a simpler way!

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